Touch Kiosks
Interactive touch screen kiosks for wide use. E-posters, navigation, programme etc.
  • Fast and simple administration of all e-posters and the content of the kiosks
  • Well-organised statistics of all e-posters (ratings, views)
  • E-Poster download via QR codes
  • Unlimited number of videos to each e-poster
  • Quick search by name, code, authors
  • Structured Scientific Programme
  • Application can run on your devices using remote access
  • Possibility of partners’ presentations (documents, videos...)
Try our e-poster application for sample conference to discover all features of our Touch Kiosk tool.
In the last 6 years we have delivered our Touch Kiosks for more than 190+ events over the Europe.

If you have some questions or want a bid for your event, please contact us!

Mr. Tomas Halla
business manager