Questions for Speakers
Well-organized interface for querying questions during lectures.
Extension of our Mobile Application to send Questions to Speakers. Easy administration of all questions for chairperson.
Mobile Application
Questions for Speakers is extension of our Mobile application for events, and its needed to order it along with QfS.
Live Voting
Other extension of our Mobile Application is Live Voting plug-in, that allows event participants to vote in realtime during lectures, in multiple halls at once.
Questions for Speakers features
  • Questions by selected lectures
  • Question subject (optional)
  • Question text
  • Name of the interviewer (optional)
  • Institution/country of the interviewer (optional)
  • Unlimited number of questions
  • Chair view for questions administration
  • Stage view for audience in hall
Selected References
EuroELSO 2018

May 23-May 26, 2018
Prague Congress Centre, Czech Republic

WONCA Europe 2017

June 28-July 1, 2017
Prague Congress Centre, Czech Republic

Pricing & Contact
If you have some questions or want bid for your event, please contact us!

Mr. Tomas Halla
business manager
+420 606 210 870